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One of the big goals with moving the platform to facebook, was to overhaul the manager mode game to be a deeper, more enjoyable, and more competitive mode for users to play. With the number of casual players on facebook, having a more casual but multi player style game was going to be critical to the success of the facebook platform. Today we discuss some of the big changes coming for manager mode and why we think that this version will take the game to another level.


Domination is a new sub game that replaces challenge mode in some exciting new ways.  In domination mode you start in the heart of the country with your manager team.  You have 4 different directions you can travel, north, south, east, west,  each with a variety of teams and obstacles facing you.   As you travel on the board, the farther from home you get the more challenging the teams become.  Travel takes its toll as well, as the more travel you take the more your team fatigues.  As your team stays in one place, or as you drink energy drinks, your team can return to maximum energy and play at it`s optimal level.

Throughout each of the 4 regions, you will find several areas.  Each area is guaranteed to have an airport, a mini boss, and several treasures.  As you go through each area you cannot see what is in each square until you enter it.  Forcing you to search around each area as you move.  The farther in the region the larger the areas get and the better the rewards, but the tougher the teams that you face.  The airports allow you to fly back to your home town with silver, avoiding fatigue issues.  Because you will need to advance in all the regions to work your way up the ladder, airports become an important part of the game the farther you advance.  Once you defeat the final boss in all 4 regions you unlock open world mode.

In open world mode you try to claim as much territory as you can while random teams invade on your turf.  The farther out you go the harder the teams get, and the better you will have to be to occupy turf.  Other human teams are rumored to appear in open world mode as well,  allowing for the ultimate bragging rights game as you compete with other teams to own the largest part of the market.


For those who love their more traditional game play, multiplayer mode is still a present mode.   Teams will have an open rank that goes up and down based on wins / losses and the strength of the opponent.  The matchmaking lobby will make an attempt to find you a game within the range of your rank, and if unsuccessful after a few minutes, a cpu ranked opponent can be generated in its wake.   Ensuring you never have to wait too long for a match.

Team Building

Team building has been dramatically improved for the better, and I believe will really add to the popularity of manager mode.  Upon creating your team, you start with 5 players who literally have 0 stats!  Yes 0 stats.  But this allows you to really start from scratch as you build your teams, and this is where the fun begins.  Each player starts with a series of workouts that they can run to improve their base stats.  In the new mode,  base stats are trainable up to level 50 in each section, with the remaining 50 attribute points possible from skill training.   This accomplishes a couple things, first it allows for more dynamic builds, as well as more strategy in the early stages of development.   As a player earns experience points by their in game performance, they unlock additional workouts to continue improving their player.  This means that in the new format, even when you lose, your gaining xp and advancing your team, making winning a less critical component from the old mode.

Skills can still be attached to players for both in game unique traits, and for player boosts.  The skills I saw have been more evened out then in the original format, allowing for a more balanced game in its stead.  As you go, you can continue to create new players as you earn create player cards, and expand your teams roster.   This will especially help when you run into pesky teams in domination mode and you want to custom build your team for success.   The contract players have been expanded upon as well,  giving a much larger selection of contract players to choose from.  While these contract players are only usable for a limited time, they do have some use especially early on when you want to get a quick boost from a player that can really help your game out.  they also allow you to get some really fun builds especially early on.  Because they do not level however, they take up experience that your other players could be earning so there is a give and take there that adds to the strategy.

As mentioned before your team now has energy and that plays an effect in the game.   Each game will lower your fatigue a certain amount.  This amount varies based on your performance.  Winning games can take away less energy while losing or losing bad can hurt more.   Travel also affects your energy, and entering a game with lower energy means your players perform at a lower level.  Your team also levels up as it progresses, or can start at a higher level by finding a more rare create team card.  The more your team levels, the lower the effect of energy loss allowing you to move faster, longer, or play more games without major loss of fatigue.

Team Creation

Speaking of team creation, how about the exciting overhaul here.  Manager mode makes it easy to create your team with class and style.  In addition to picking your team name and mascot, you get the option of creating your own custom “letter” logo, or choosing from one of well over 100 prefab options(I am told this number will grow as time goes on).  You also get to choose 3 team colors which help to flesh out the look of your court.  Courts are now built on the fly in the game so you always get the nice feel that your court was taylor made for you based on the decisions you chose, and no worries, if you don`t like how it came out you can edit it later.

So what do you think about the changes?  Comment and let us know what you think!


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SimSportsWorld is a series of massively multiplayer online sports games that are moving to the facebook platform. Each Sport has it`s own game complete with a manager mode and dynasty mode.

The games are developed by Gameventions, and are slated to release over the next year. No Purchase is required to play, and you can compete with people from all over the world.


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Our Affiliate program is a great way to earn free in-game currency. Login and visit for deta
Our Affiliate program is a great way to earn free in-game currency. Login and visit for deta

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